John Brink Photography of Colorado and the West







John Brink

John Brink Photography of Colorado and the West

Monte Vista, Colorado


John Brink, living off grid in the San Luis Valley, on the edge of the San Juan Mountains provides ample opportunity to create fine art photographs of landscapes, nature, wildlife, farm and ranch images and western scenery. John Brink has been photographing in Colorado and the surrounding states of Utah, New Mexico, and Arizona for over 40 years. His work encompasses photographs of Grand Canyon National Park, Mesa Verde National Park, Great Sand Dunes National Park, Arches National Park and Canyon Lands National Park. In addition John Brink Photography has a large collection of western scenics, landscapes and farm and ranch images from the west. Please view my photographs and consider purchasing. Feel free to click the social media buttons by the photographs (Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc.) so more people will be able to see any of my images that you like.


Cottonwood Tree # 12 in Fall Colors in Colorado by John Brink


Cottontail Rabbit Eating a Sunflower Leaf by John Brink


Fall Storm Clearing off Pintada Mountain by John Brink


Say's Phoebe Singing by John Brink


Trees in Fall with Texture by John Brink


Milkweed Plant Dried and Blowing in the Wind by John Brink


Trees Over a Path Through the Woods in Fall Color by John Brink


Trees on an Oregon Beach by John Brink


Snow and Frost on Trees in Winter by John Brink


Red Leaves and Vines on Tree in Forest of Reeds by John Brink


Downy Woodpecker Finding Insects from Sunflower Stem. by John Brink


Mountain Bluebird at Sunset by John Brink


Colorado Fall Landscape with Aspen Trees between Creede and Lake by John Brink


Giant Sunflower against a Blue Sky with Clouds. by John Brink


Moon over Pintada Mountain at Sunrise in the San Juan Mountains, by John Brink


Aspen tree in fall colors San Juan Mountains, Colorado. by John Brink


Aspens in Fall with Road by John Brink


Aspens in Fall at Eleven Mile Canyon, Colorado by John Brink


Slightly Crooked Aspen Tree in Fall Colors, Colorado by John Brink


Cottonwood #6 Fountain Creek, Colorado in Fall by John Brink


Glade in the Forest of Colorado by John Brink


Cottonwood #3 Colorado Ranch Country in Fall by John Brink


Aspen in Fall Colors in Eleven Mile Canyon Colorado by John Brink


Scarred Old Aspen Tree Trunk in Colorado Forest by John Brink


Cottonwood #4 Fall Ranch Colorado by John Brink


Cottonwood #5 Fall Ranch Colorado Blue Sky by John Brink


Winter Cottonwood Ranch Landscape Colorado by John Brink


Cottonwood #2 Colorado Ranch Land Montezuma Valley Colorado Mesa Verde by John Brink


Ponderosa Tree in the Aspens of Fall Colorado by John Brink


Cottonwood #1 Tree on Ranch Land in Colorado Fall Colors by John Brink


Hopping Mad Raven in the Snow by John Brink


Squirrell and Seagull go to the Beach by John Brink


The Old Mining Building at Alta, Colorado in Spring by John Brink


Old No. 476 Steam Engine Durango Silverton Railroad, Colorado by John Brink


Sheep Near Mesa Verde National Park Montezuma County, Colorado by John Brink


Mount Blanca in Winter Sunset San Luis Valley, Colorado by John Brink


Misty Steam Engine 476 of Durango Silverton Railroad Colorado San Juan Mountains by John Brink


Moonrise over Mount Blanca Winter San Luis Valley Colorado by John Brink


Red Sky Sunset over Pintada Mountain San Juan Mountains Colorado by John Brink


Head on to an Old Case Tractor Grill in Classic Orange Paint by John Brink


Ford Tractor Antique by John Brink


Shiny old John Deere Tractor in Classic Green by John Brink


Say's Phoebe I'm Out of Here Bird by John Brink


King Bird Western Stretching Wings by John Brink


Rufous Hummingbird On Guard for Intruders by John Brink


Broad-Tailed Hummingbird Landing by John Brink


Gold Is Where You Find It by John Brink


Flower Dream # 20 by John Brink